About Us

Lillian Davis Foundation, Inc. was founded in August 2007 and is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  The organization was founded by Ms. Marion L. Robinson (daughter) and Mr. LaMarr Davis (son) to continue the legacy of Mrs. Lillian M. Davis.

Mission Statement:

Lillian Davis Foundation (LDF) purpose is to cultivate communities and families by providing in and out of school services to elementary students and as a service cataylst in the community we invest our resources to directly improve the quality of education and life for disadvantaged children and families.

Organization vision:

LDF vision for the community of Riverside is to have a renewal and restoration for its residence.  We envision a community that offers educational opportunities that prepare our children for the twenty-first century and beyond, a vibrant neighborhood, a safe community to live, work and play, neighbors caring for its neighbor, and businesses providing a direct economic growth for its residence.

Organization objectives:

  • We will promote reading everyday through our community volunteer programs by providing in-school and before school programs. “Schoolhouse Success™” volunteer program engages community volunteers, parents, corporations and school on a daily basis as teacher assistants and general school volunteers.
  • We will promote parent and child to participate in daily activities and increase quality family time. We support and participate with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Bridges to Success Council, and support the IPS Bridges to Success Coordinator parent and student activities.
  • We will seek to and partner with stakeholders of the Riverside community to educate and build strong families. We support and participate with our neighborhood organizations to strengthen our community voice to ensure we are increasing positive opportunities for its residence.
  • We will have an active presence in giving back to the Riverside area through volunteer activities. We will provide opportunities for individuals and groups to invest in service learning activities to foster personal and career development strengthening communities and build life skills.


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