Michael 'Mikal' Saahir

Dear Friends and associates,


My wife Carolyn and I are volunteers in the Lillian Davis Foundation (LDF) 30-30 Reading Program that is held at School #44. This is a program that I highly recommend for individuals who want to volunteer their time and love to a very noble cause. Individuals, who love our youth, love our future and love helping people the LDF 30-30 just may be the opportunity you are looking for. Quite frankly many inner city schools need our assistance. It is quite a reassuring that you are doing the right thing when you see the teacher smiling as you assist a student who may be struggling with their class assignment. It is uplifting when the student connects with you. One of my biggest joys came on my first day. The students were informed that I am a firefighter. At the end of the day as I was saying good-bye one boy raised his hand and said to me. “If I have a fire I’m going to call you!” That was a powerful moment. I knew then I was in the right place – even if it was for only 1-1/2 hours.


Many of the students come from very difficult households; that is if they don’t live in a shelter. Nonetheless when their eyes beam with the exclamation, “Yeah, now I got it!”,
then you know they have added another strand to their rope-of-hope. (I hope that didn’t sound to much like a Rev. Jesse Jackson quote) . Well, I hope that you can
see that we are glad that we signed up with the LDF 30-30 Reading Program.
Also I have one more confession: I too am relearning a lot of stuff I have forgotten over the years (decades); and I learned some new things too. So please seriously
consider volunteering with the LDF 30-30 Reading Program. If you the patience to
bless a child (and teacher) with you assistance – PLEASE DO SO!


In closing I commend the sacrifice and dedication that Marion and LaMarr
tirelessly share with our community in the name of Mrs. Lillian Davis. Mrs.
Davis and her years of community service definitely lives on in them and in all
of her children.



Danielle Pugh

I had the time of my life. They were doing a science project when I got there and I walked through the room helping them finish up their assignment. I have to say a little scary at first but IT WAS AMAZING, as chaotic as it was it was AWESOME.


I had to leave at 3pm to come back and write checks, but I asked about next Thursday and she said I could come back whenever I wanted to. She was so nice, “Mrs. V”, and the children were a challenge at first but, they warm up to you pretty fast. When I was leaving they wanted to know when I would be back and I said Thursday. They seemed excited, which made it an even better experience.


The lady that I was supposed to see was talking with a parent and child when I got there so she was going to lunch when I was taken to the classroom. I am so happy that I signed up to be a part of this program. Thank you VERY VERY much!!!!!!!!!!



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